Bad Habits That Are Making You Less Productive

Biting your nails, chewing your mouth, speaking even before you think, name them all, are some of the habits we normally think of when it comes to bad habits. However, how about we think of the bad habits that are hurting our performance at work? There are a lot of things most of us are guilty of doing every single day, and research has shown these activities end up hurting our productivity. The more aware of the things hurting your productivity, the more proactive you can be to ensure you take responsibility for your choices. When it comes to bad habits hurting your productivity, these are the one’s top of the line.


Rushing in the Morning

We all have that morning when we are rushing our morning routine such that we barely have time to brush teeth, before making a rush to hit the office. When morning rush becomes a habit, there can be a lot of negative consequences to your sense of well-being as well as overall productivity. When you start your day in a frenzied state of mind, you are denying your brain time to decompress, reset and prepare for the day ahead. Instead, you are pumping it with adrenaline first thing in the morning, and this can cause you to crash later on. If your morning lacks time and space to breathe, try waking 10-30 minutes earlier and start with a quick meditation session.


Tackling Easy Stuff First

It can be quite tempting to get all the easy tasks out of the way first before moving on to the tough stuff. This can be the case especially when you have a complex task ahead and your brain is trying to avoid it. You push this task further and further down your to-do list until you have it untouched for many days or weeks. If you can tackle the most difficult tasks on your to-do list first, early in the morning, you will stand a better chance to boost your overall productivity. Willpower is a finite resource that steadily decreases throughout the day. Your brain is much better at handling the hardest tasks at the beginning of the day when you are fully focused.


Checking and responding to emails

Checking and responding to emails as they come can have a detrimental effect on your productivity. Emails ate supposed to help us do our work and not to get us distracted. To stay on top of a constantly overflowing inbox, it can be quite tempting to check and respond to every email as soon as it comes in. Constantly switching tasks between work and email can hurt your productivity. You need to turn off those pesky email alerts and limit checking your emails to specific breaks.

Browsing over social media

We get easily distracted by checking on social media. Humans have a psychological urge to check social media notifications, from time to time. One way to get a solution to this problem is to ensure you remove all social networks from your toolbar bookmarks. Additionally, use Google to turn off all notifications. You can decide to not allow any site to show notifications if you want to turn them off altogether. By working with manage exceptions, you will get a lot of options on what Chrome currently allows you, as far as notifications are concerned.

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