Free Ways to Track Your Website’s Performance

Social media is greatly changing how the world operates and interacts with each other both economically and socially. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and now Instagram are the most used social media platforms.

Individuals and brands have taken to social media platforms as one of the major ways to reach their customers as well as the audience. Social Media has been widely embraced because of its affordability, convenience, and effectiveness.

Tracking one’s social media performance is, therefore, critical in helping one know whether he or she is just online to be seen or to be heard.

There are various tools that one can use to track social media performance effectively:

Google Analytics

This tool is one of the most popular ones when analyzing online performance and presence. This tool is often used to analyze the performance of websites. This is a web analytics provision offered by Google and helps in tracking and reporting the traffic of any given Website. It is now the most used web analytics tool by site owners.

Through Google Analytics, one can be able to know the origin of visitors to the site, the duration that the visitors take on the website, and the specifics that the visitors are looking for when visiting the site. This tool helps one to know among the social platforms available, which one sends more visitors to the website. If one shares the content of the site on Facebook, for instance, Google Analytics will be able to tell whether most of the visitors on the website were from the social media platforms or just original visitors who searched the internet site on their own.

One of the major advantages of Google Analytics is that it helps one to have a purpose or a goal of what to achieve, how to achieve, where to achieve, and who to target, and how to make a website suit the needs of those who visit the site.

 Site Specific Analytics

These are a site-specific tool that is specifically provided by Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. They are used to track your account’s performance and growth.

Social media is about engagements and an account that has minimum engagements has little impact and impressions hence not worth relying on.

Twitter Analytics, for example, shows the number of followers, number of new followers, the impression created by one’s tweets, the mentions, profile visits, top tweet, the number of retweets as well as the general impact generated within 28 days. Facebook analytics, on the other hand, shows the performance of your posts and even compares your activities with similar pages.

The tools are available to all the users to access an advanced report on the number of their followers, fans or connections, tweets or posts impressions, engagement, and clicks. The tools also offer some insights on how one can make their social life interesting as well as attracting more engagement to their side.

 Social Mention

This is also one of the best tools that one can use to measure social media performance. It is the only analytics tool that can handle and determine the performance of 100 media outlets (sites). The tool gives the results basing on four categories namely strength, sentiment, passion, reach.

Using these social media tools to measure your performance will help you create better content. It will give you some insight into the best performing platforms and will help you create a much better and effective social media strategy.

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