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United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. (USSVI)
  - Information about this organization of veteran submariners.

Martini's Submarine Base - The top Web Site for all things submarine - a must visit!

USS Batfish SS310 - A visit to another submarine home page.

Submarine Wives Club - A page for the spouses of submariners!

The Military Network - Network devoted to things military; take a look!

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall     Information concerning the "Wall"

Don Keith - Author of books about Submarines - Check out his offering - "USS Archerfish SS311 - Galant Lady" - Great Book!

Mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos - Visit this site to find out the symptoms of mesothelioma, good information.

   Sherman's Lagoon - A visit to the newspaper comic strip featuring a shark
                                   and his sidekicks. Hilarious! Has 2 weeks of cartoons, including Sundays.

Submarine Flotilla Five, Pearl Harbor Hawaii, April 1962
Visit these Ship's Web Pages by clicking on their name
USS Archerfish AGSS311
USS Barbero SSG317
USS Bashaw SS241
USS Blackfin SS322
USS Bluegill SS242
USS Bream SS243
USS Carbonero SS337
USS Cusk SS348
USS Grayback SSG574
USS Greenfish SS351
USS Growler SSG577
USS Gudgeon SS567
USS Halibut SSGN587
USS Medregal SS480
USS Pickerel SS524
USS Remora SS487
USS Sabalo SS302
USS Sargo SSN583
USS Seadragon SSN584
USS Sterlet SS392
USS Swordfish SSN579
USS Tang SS563
USS Tiru SS416
USS Tunny SSG282
USS Wahoo SS565
USS Coucal ASR8
USS Greenlet ASR10

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