"The 1960's"
Part 1
A pictoral look at the various activities

     In early 1962, after having the Regulus Guidance equipment removed, Carbonero headed to the south Pacific to particpate in Operation Dominic - the Nuclear Tests. A large series of tests were conducted using various delivery systems and devices.
     Frigate Bird was the only US test of an operational ballistic missile with a live warhead. This test involved firing a Polaris A1 missile from a ballistic missile submarine. The missile was launched by the USS Ethan Allen (SSBN-608) at 13:18 (local) on May 6th, 1962 from a position 1500 nm east-northeast of Christmas Island. The re-entry vehicle (RV) and warhead flew 1020 nm downrange toward Christmas Island before re-entering the atmosphere 12.5 minutes later, and detonating in an airburst at 11,000 feet. Yield of this device was about 600kt.

     This image of the Frigate Bird mushroom cloud was taken through the periscope of the USS Carbonero (SS-337) 480 nm ENE of Christmas Island. The Carbonero (along with the USS Medregal, SS-480) was within 30 miles of the burst point.

Just passing the time away - waiting. . .

Jonesy cooks up some steaks while Tweter (l) Drummond and Cauthen (r) look on.
Larry Shores and J.J. Stewart in foreground.
Behind is Cauthen (l) and Mr. Anderson (r)

While waiting for the Frigate Bird Test
Shot there wasn't a whole lot to do
to pass the time.

Capt. Koehler (center L) set up
some shark fishing time for us.

And we also had a great cook out
with steaks and all the trimmings
topside using our charcoal grill.

US Mainland Visit
    In the summer of 1962, the Carbonero traveled to the US Mainland to visit the Seattle area and California.
    She participated in the "Capitol Day" celebrations at Olympia WA by picking up the Capital Day Queen and her retinue in the middle of the Straits of Juan de Fuca for transport into Olympia. The ship was opened there for tours by the local citizens. Exercises were also conducted in that area and off Port Angeles.
     Upon leaving Olympia, Carbonero traveled to Seattle where she tied up for several days during the 1962 Worlds Fair.
     Carbonero continued the trip southward to California, where she put in at Hunters Point in San Francisco and conducted several day trips for reservists training off the California coast. Then it was back to Pearl Harbor.

Capitol Day Queen and Her Retinue
Greeted by Capt. Koehler outside Seattle.
 Above photo courtesy of Dennis Staley

Capt. Koehler target practice
Capt. Koehler kept a .22 onboard for target practice.
Capt. Koehler at target practice.

More target practice before swim call.
Mid-Pacific swim call off the "steel beach."

A little water polo during swim call. Ray Pollard contributed these photos.

Carbonero alongside in Port Angeles, WA.
Carbonero alongside in Port Angeles, WA.

The above pictures courtesy of Ray Pollard

"Crossing the Equator"
     In 1963, the Carbonero was chosen, along with the USS Cusk SS348, to travel to French Polynesia  in August for a "Show the Flag" tour. These photos show the "Crossing the Equator" ceremony that occurred during the trip to Bora Bora. In spite of a "Pollywog Rebellion" the crusty old Shellbacks won out in the end. At the end of the ceremonies all the crew had become "Shellbacks."

Photos courtesy of Richard R. Lychwek (Lunchmeat)

The "Royal Barber" awaits.
Pollywog on his way to kiss the "Royal Baby's" stomach.
Check out the nifty haircuts!
The "Royal Baby" - Pollywogs had to kiss his well-greased stomach after a dosing of foul tasting medicine.
 Leaving here they crawled thru the "Hole." >>>>>>
The "Slimy Grimy hole to the Bottom of the Sea"
- a canvas tube filled with grease and black gunk.
While crawling thru pollywogs were walloped with old firehose.

"Lunchmeat" after his trip thru the "Slimy Grimy Hole"

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