The 1960's
Part 2

     In 1963, the Carbonero was chosen, along with the USS Cusk SS348, to travel to French Polynesia  in August for a "Show the Flag" tour. The two skippers flipped coins to see who would chose their port, i.e. Papeete or Bora Bora. Our skipper, Jack Jarvies, "lost" to the Cusk skipper, who chose Papeete, Tahiti for their destination. Too bad! Bora Bora turned out to be a true paradise when compared to Papeete! Carbonero spent four days and nights alongside there and enjoyed all of the amenities the island offered; coconut, fresh French bread but especially the Hinano beer, of which we attempted to drink the island dry! The crew got busy on arrival and promptly helped the locals repair their generator, one of the few electricity sources on the island.

The local brew "Hinano" is made in Papeete.

Bora Bora
Island Paradise

Bora Bora's Mt. Otemanu
Beautiful beaches and waters surround the island.

Mt. Otemanu in early morning light
Mt. Otemanu is said to resemble the manta ray

Gorgeous lagoon next to our pier - we snorkled here
Locals were fascinated by the submarine and spent lots of time visiting

Locals quickly brought their trade goods.
Main transportation is bicycle or motorscooter on the island

Many handcrafted items were displayed for trade or sell
Some guys just can't resist going native

Prades and Travis chat with the locals about their goods
We hooked up with Dewey Burgman for an early morning dive.

Tahitian guide Seki and Travis heading to dive site.
We crashed a luau on the beach for the officers

After the luau we caught a ride back to the pier in a local boat
Near sunset the locals gathered to watch movies shown on the sail

Sucking up a Hinano at the local establishment.
Locals gathered early to set up their sale goods.

Each night movies were shown on a couple of sheets on the sail.
Four days went by in a flash - way too soon when you're in paradise!


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