Most Proactive Sales Strategies to Win Deals Easily

Which adjectives would you use to describe a successful tow truck salesperson? The most common terms that come into mind include; goal oriented, attentive, proactive, charismatic among others. These qualities are must have when you are working with proactive customers. I most times, a salesperson is the first-person customers interact with when they are getting an experience to a brand. Taking a proactive approach to each prospect you engage with can help you to stay more connected and can help you win more deals. Potential customers want to be assured of your trust to be able to do more business with you. You need to anticipate their needs, show empathy to them and solve their issues accordingly.

Here are some of the most proactive sales strategies you can use to win more deals with ease.

Take time to plan and research

To be a proactive seller, you will find that planning before approaching your sales conversions will be quite beneficial. That is not to mean you should spend hours moving from one LinkedIn profile to the next. It means you need to approach each sales conversation with a plan that clearly indicates where you want the conversation to go. You need to consider all factors that are within your control that could lead to having positive interactions with customers resulting to a sale.

Initiate conversations with potential customers

You should never be afraid to initiate conversations with customers who are a good fit for what you need to sell. That is not to mean you should solicit from customers and spam them with lots of sales content. Instead, if you encounter an individual who has expressed a challenge and you know your product is a good fit and can offer a solution, its time you speak up and say so. You next deal could be when you just make such conversation.

Establish credibility

You need to establish credibility by adding upfront value. As a proactive sales person, ensure you are taking all steps necessary to build trust with your potential customers. One of the most effective ways you can achieve that is by adding value to everything you do.  You can add value in a lot of ways such as providing informative and relevant content to your prospects or even by positioning yourself as an expert in an area of your interest for all potential clients you are working with. You should take all necessary steps to build credibility early in the sales process and give yourself an edge when it comes to making a sale.

Make data driven decisions

Chances are you ate constantly reviewing sales data with the team you have. You need to make full use of data to inform your future sales decisions and strategies. Proactive sellers make use of data from places such as CRMs. Dig into any information you can find and use such data to make better conclusions. Additionally, consider asking open ended questions to understand customer pain points and come up with a customer journey map.

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